All you need to know about your TV.


Logging into Your Aesthetic TV Account

Upon signing up, you will receive your log-in credentials via email for your Aesthetic TV account. You can log in from If you don’t have your credentials and cannot find it via “Forgot password” button, please contact immediately.

Setting Up Your Media Player

Once you opened the package, please make sure you have the following:

  1. Aesthetic TV Media Player
  2. A remote with AAA batteries
  3. A HDMI Cable
  4. A power cable

Please plug the power cable to an outlet and into your media player. Connect the HDMI cable from the media player to your TV. Make sure you are connecting from the “HDMI-OUT” port on the media player.

If you are connecting to the Internet using a cable, please connect it to the media player.

Turn on the media player via the button at the back, and you should see the FriendMedia logo on your TV.

To connect to wifi, press “set” on your remote while pointing at the media player. Navigate to the “Internet” tab on your TV using the arrow keys and press “OK” on your remote. Find your wifi network ID and enter the password. It will show “Connected” if you have successfully connected to your wifi network. Press the back arrow button to exit the Setting.

Overview of Aesthetic TV's Tools


Adding Social Media Streams

Adding YouTube Videos

Adding from the Aesthetic Library

Adding from Your Computer

Adding Text and Weather

Adding Google Slides

and TVs

Create A New Playlist and Add Content It

Schedule Your Playlists on TV

Additional Options for Your TV

and Users

Update Your Profile

User Management

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